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Calgary is not just a Canadian city with a breathtaking skyline, it’s a big place for a small business. If you want to dominate your industry, you need a Calgary marketing agency that understands small business marketing. We specialize in webdesign with search engine optimization that gets results.

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Calgary Web Designers

“Just design it yourself” is a comment that has been echoed online when someone asks for recommendations of top rated web designers.

Someone once said to me “Anyone can sing, but only some can record.” An effective website design should be treated like a music recording.

Making a half decent website isn’t that difficult nowadays. What’s overlooked is getting that website ranking in search results and converting visitors into paying customers. This is why it’s important to have an effective website design. Here is a checklist of the items included in every website we build.

Web Design Checklist

Calgary SEO Services

Looking to rank higher on Google in Calgary? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service will help your website look more attractive to Google by following their guidelines. In turn, Google favours your website and ranks it better in search results.

Having a pretty website is great, but if you have a pretty website that sits on page seven of search results you will be frustrated with the lack of leads and results. Statistics say that as much as 92% of searchers never leave the first page of search results.

What you need is a website that ranks so well that people keep running into online—so much—that they think that it’s fate and can’t help but buy something from you.

That’s what our Calgary SEO can do for your small business. Still unsure? Click the button below and we’ll do a FREE SEO Audit of your existing website.


Working with Ryan and his team was a great pleasure. They kept me up to date and informed along the way and answered all questions that I had right away. They tailored to fit my needs and I’ve been very happy with their services.

— Collin S., Mortgage Broker

Great service and very patient with my requests. When I had questions or suggestions of changes, they were very quick to respond with answers and options. — Ryan M., M Realty
They provided excellent work, but most importantly, delivered it on time and did exactly what they said they would. In my experience, these are rare, valuable commodities. — Troy T., Atomic Roofing

Calgary Marketing Company

It’s stressful as a Calgary business owner when you invest your hard earned money into marketing. Should you do radio ads? Facebook ads? Google ads? or is there a platform that can bring better results?

We work with numerous marketing platforms, but what works for one business may not work for another. 

Traditional marketing is limited when it comes to statistics. This is where digital marketing shines! With online marketing, the statistics are very specific and in-depth.

Internet marketing can be targeted to specific demographics like age, gender, location, interests, income level, education level. Not only that, if someone has shown interest in your website of social media account, we can target them directly with a different ad.

What type of marketing is right for your business? Well that is something that is better determined over a coffee or phone call with our Calgary marketing experts.

We prefer to customize our marketing strategy for each business. That way you only pay for the marketing platform that brings results. No more guessing.

Full Service Marketing Agency

Marketing varies from business to business, industry to industry. That’s why we offer full-service marketing solutions for Calgary small businesses. We take the time to learn your business and tailor marketing services that fit your budget while getting results. 

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