Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultants

You are amazing. You’ve run your own business and built it to succeed. You figured out the ins and outs of daily operations, sales, financials and customer service. Heck, you’ve probably even been the janitor!

You’ve probably been relatively effective in learning the ropes concerning marketing. After all, you’re the type who will figure it out, especially when someone gives you a plan.

If you a looking for guidance, we are available to be your marketing consultant. We can help you come up with a marketing plan that works.

Marketing Consultant Services

Target Demographic

Our process begins with market research to determine your industry's target demographic. Marketing to your target demographic brings more effective results than blanket marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Using the research, we develop a marketing strategy with actionable steps. Marketing strategy is necessary for small businesses to determine effective marketing methods.

Marketing Methods

By implementing the marketing plan with analytic tracking, we can analyze the effectiveness of marketing methods and tweak the strategy for maximum impact.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

Benjamin Franklin
Hire a Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant Hourly Rate

Operating a marketing agency for small businesses, we’ve become a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing. As a result, we thrive on helping business owners find their way to reaching more customers.

We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses grow through our efforts, so now we offer marketing consultation to those who want to handle their own marketing.

We are available for hire as Marketing Consultants. Our hourly rate is $200/hr for a one-time marketing consultation. We recommend ongoing marketing consulting for a more significant impact brought through accountability. Contact us to book a marketing strategy meeting.