Ecommerce Website Design

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What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce is an acronym for electronic commerce, also known as online shopping. Technology has made selling products and services online more feasible for small businesses. In fact, we’ve built online stores for selling meat, artist paintings, irrigation parts and bedding plants.

More consumers than ever are looking for products and services on the internet. So, why not go where your customers are? An e-commerce website design will expand your consumer base astronomically. Think bigger; think digital for your retail business.

Ecommerce even works for service-based industries. For example, spas, massage therapists, or entertainers can book more local appointments. With the help of video conferencing, counsellors and coaches can now help more people regardless of location.

eCommerce Security

One of the common concerns regarding ecommerce website design is ecommerce security. So let me put your mind at ease. When we build an online store for a customer, we use secure payment platforms that deal with confidential payment information. We do not collect nor store any payment information on our website.

We also use a secure SSL certificate to communicate through an encrypted connection, providing an additional level of security. In addition, the websites we build and our web hosting servers offer extra protection to prevent phishing and cyber-attacks.

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eCommerce Platforms

When it comes to ecommerce platforms, there are a lot of options. Determining the best online shopping platform comes down to the goals and needs of the business. For example, is ranking high on search engines important? Do you need POS (point of sale) integration? Do you need to track inventory? How many products do you intend to sell? Is it online only, or do you have a brick-and-mortar store? Below are the two most common ecommerce platforms. To learn more, read our blog post “Renting vs Owning Your Website.”

Owned eCommerce Platforms

An owned website gives the owner complete control of their website. This option can provide scalable options for larger stores and feature numerous options regarding SEO and custom website functionality apart from ecommerce. Requires a website hosting package starting at $15/month, but it’s still the more cost-effective option in the long run.

Rented eCommerce Platforms

Rented website platforms are great for do-it-yourself business owners looking to save web design costs. These platforms are relatively easy-to-use with drag-and-drop builders. Although monthly fees start around $28, depending on the size of your store, features, and transaction fees, monthly rates can quickly skyrocket to over $300+ per month.

eCommerce Integrations

There are many features to make your website exactly what you want. When it comes to payment methods, shipping options and other ecommerce integrations. Whether you a looking to sync your website with bookkeeping software to track sales or amp up your marketing game with newsletter integration. Depending on the website platform, tens of thousands of ecommerce integrations are available to help your small business website compete with big companies.

eCommerce Payment Methods

When it comes to online payment solutions, the sky is the limit. Depending on the ecommerce platform, we can integrate your website with popular global payment options and onsite point-of-sales systems.

eCommerce Shipping Solutions

Making sales means getting the product into the customer’s hands is the next step. So again, we make it easier with shipping integrations for all the most popular shipping companies, whether domestic or global delivery.

Other Integrations

Ecommerce website design integrations are a fabulous way to make your website more automated, profitable and effective for the end user. The integrations below are only a few popular integrations available for ecommerce websites. If you are interested in an integration not listed below, feel free to message us, and we will look into it.

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