Branding Design

Company Branding

Company Branding

What is Branding in Graphic Design?

Graphic design encompasses everything from designing signs to logos and flyers. So what is branding in graphic design, then? Branding and graphic design work hand-in-hand.

Branding incorporates the complete image of a business in everything they do. For example, company branding may include colours, fonts, taglines and even a company jingle. It’s a consistent theme throughout the organization that represents what the business is all about.

Small Business Branding

Branding design for a small business is essential for success. We work with start-ups and existing businesses to ensure core philosophies are met consistently throughout the branding design process. Big companies understand the importance of brand recognition, especially companies like Band-aid.

Effective brand design helps establish company branding that provides credibility and increases confidence in everyone who contacts the business–employees, contractors, vendors or customers.

Whether your corporate brand represents customer service, low prices, excellent products or a memorable user experience, a consistent brand image will give the customer confidence to trust your business.

Brand Guidelines

What Are Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines are rules for consistency and continuity throughout your business. Following branding guidelines can ensure that your business has a professional image in all that you do.

A brand guide shows proper and improper use of brand colours, font types, font sizes, spacing, layout, icons, illustrations, and image guidelines. Some businesses even incorporate the tone and grammar of written and oral speech.

Branding Package

What is Included in a Branding Package?

Cost For a Branding Package?

When we develop a brand strategy for a small business, we want to ensure that the initial industry research and detailed audit of your business’s vision, mission and theme is on point.

Our brand package includes a complete logo design with brand guidelines that your business can implement for a professional image. A branding package costs between $3000 and $4500, depending on the options chosen. For a detailed quote, contact us for a consultation.

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