Corporate branding and logo design

The Importance of Good Logo Design

Big brands understand the importance of professional logo design. Put a logo of Coca-Cola in front of 95% of the world and they’ll immediately recognize the product and brand. That’s what good design and brand recognition can do for a business.

When it comes to small business logo design, the same holds true. You want a design that will represent the many facets of your company and what it stands for. The best logo design will make the smallest company come across as competent, trustworthy and professional.

What's Included in a logo package

Our logo packages start with a brand strategy meeting. We want to get a feel for your business’ vision, goals and core philosophy.

Have ideas of your own to start with? Great! We’ll take your suggestions and do our best to incorporate the ideas. Some people even bring a sketch of what they are looking for. Whether you have ideas or not, our experienced graphic designers will develop a logo that you can be proud of.

In our small business logo package, we provide you with three different logo concepts. After you review the designs, we take your feedback and complete three revisions. Once we hit the mark, the logo is finalized and processed into multiple file formats.

We design our logos as vector images. This allows you to use your logo on a business card or a billboard with no quality loss or pixelation from scaling to a larger size. Files are supplied on a USB drive or download link. Now it’s time to put your logo on everything that goes out from your company–from stationery and business cards, to flyers and brochures.

Logo Design Samples

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