Email Hosting

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service for email users that provides secure storage of email files and serves them on a mail client or web-based interface. Email service comes in various forms.

Free Email Service

An email service where the service provider gives a free email address with a limited amount of storage space. It is usually monetized through advertising and upgrades for more storage space and additional features. (eg. Gmail, Yahoo)

Free ISP Email Service

A service when an email account is supplied by an internet service provider (ISP) when you sign up for internet services. They offer a paid email package to continue hosting your email if you cancel your internet. (eg. Shaw, Rogers, Bell)

Website Hosting Email

Web hosting providers often include email hosting as a feature of their hosting packages. This puts your website and email on the same server. Email setup is usually done through the web hosting interface, and accessing your email can be done through a browser interface set up for email client software. The email account size is based on the size of the hosting package.

Third-Party Hosted Email

A service often provided for businesses, hosted email is a paid service that offers secure email hosting with a web-based interface or connection credentials for an email client software like Outlook or Apple Mail. The email address is usually a domain you own (eg. Zoho, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365).

Why Separate Email From Web Hosting?

In 2019, we removed email hosting as a feature of our web hosting packages. We are a company specializing in SEO, so when we stumble on something that could improve our SEO service for our clients, we take it to heart. Two main reasons we decided to separate email and web hosting; faster website load speeds and more storage space for our customers.

Fast Web Hosting

When ranking websites in search results, Google considers website load speeds on desktop and mobile devices. When a website and email share the same server, they also share the same resources.

Email client software and mobile email apps may check email every five minutes throughout the day, downloading new emails, images and attachments. This can steal valuable server resources used to load websites. As a result, even a few hundredths of a second slower load time can negatively impact a website’s search ranking.

More Email Storage Space

Who doesn’t want more space? Unfortunately, larger companies make it difficult to compete when it comes to storage space for email. As a small business, it’s challenging to offer the same amount of storage for the same price they do.

There are many different options for third-party email hosting services. Many include web browser email access, a mobile app, and the standard connection for email client software that operates on your computer or mobile device.

Canadian Email Hosting

Email Hosting for Small Business

If you’re looking for email hosting for your small business, we can help; whether you need an email set up for the first time or want to migrate your email accounts to another third-party email service. We deal with all the technical aspects, like SPF and DKIM records, to ensure your emails hit the recipient’s inbox. In addition, we’ll provide you with the connection parameters so your IT professional can set up email on your office computers. Below are a few Canadian email hosting providers. We use and highly recommend Zoho Mail. For complete details on their email packages, click to visit their website.

Zoho Email Hosting

Zoho Mail

Per Email Account
$1.25/month for 5GB
$5.00/month for 50GB
Microsoft 365 Email Hosting

Microsoft 365

Per Email Account
$5.10/month for 50GB
$10.20/month for 100GB
Google Workspace Email Hosting

Google Workspace

Per Email Account
$7.80/month for 30GB
$15.60/month for 2TB

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