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We aren’t just a company that designs websites, we provide various web hosting packages–all suited for Canadian small businesses. As an entrepreneur, you have enough on your plate to deal with without having to find the best web hosting Canada. Our team takes care of setting up the hosting, we purchase the domain you choose and setup your email–all this is included in the website package price. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our web hosting Canada reviews.
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Web Hosting Packages

Small Business Web Hosting


Paid Annually

2GB Website Storage
Domain Parking - 5 Alias Domains
5 Alias/Forwarding Email Addresses
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
1 SQL Database
Website Backup
Security Protection Against DDoS Attacks
SSL Certificate (https)
WordPress & Joomla Compatible

Ecommerce Business Web Hosting


Paid Annually

5GB Website Storage
Domain Parking - 10 Alias Domains
10 Alias/Forwarding Email Addresses
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
2 SQL Databases
Website Backup
Security Protection Against DDoS Attacks
SSL Certificate (https)
WordPress & Joomla Compatible

Web Hosting Add-ons

Why separate email hosting from web hosting?

Website load speed. When ranking websites in search results, Google considers website load times on desktop computers and more recently on mobile devices. When email is being checked and downloaded multiple times throughout the day, it uses shared server resources that are also used to load your website. Even a few hundredths of a second slower load times can negatively impact a website search ranking.

More space. Who doesn’t want more space? With larger companies specializing in email service, it’s difficult to offer the same amount of storage for the same price they do. This is why we migrate and set up email hosting on *Zoho for our customers. We use Zoho ourselves and highly recommend their email service. Alternatively, we can migrate and set up email hosting through Microsoft Live 365Google GSuiteRackspace and other providers as well.

*Annual Zoho subscription required. Alias emails are included in our web hosting packages. Email aliases can be used to forward domain email to an existing email address. eg) forward to


$25/user/one time
to Zeal Media for setup & migration

$1 USD/user/month
for Zoho Lite Email 5GB/User

$4 USD/user/month
for Zoho Premium Email 30GB/User

Website maintenance packages are a great addition to our Canadian web hosting service. As technology changes, websites become more susceptible to hack attempts and aging code which is no longer compatible with new technologies.

WordPress and Joomla content management systems (CMS) and the third-party plugins that run on their systems, are continually being improved. This means that, just like software on your computer, there are often updates to improve stability, security and add new features.

Our proactive website framework and plugin updates help ensure your website is secure, working properly and updated to the latest stable release.

*Maintenance Package available for WordPress and Joomla CMS websites only. If you are unsure if your website is compatible, shoot us a message and we’ll check. Package pricing based on annual payment.


for Small Business Hosting

for eCommerce Business Hosting

You’re busy running your business. Let us take care of the website edits for you. Simply submit a support ticket and the job is taken care of on the same day.

Save time and money by taking advantage of our unlimited small job updates. Want to change an image, add a new product or service, change your address, post an article you wrote or fix a broken link? Regardless of the change, if it’s less than 30 minutes, it’s included!

Our turnaround times are applicable for business hours. In the event of an emergency, we will employ a technician to take care of the request.

*Website edit requests are taken care of with in six (6) hours of receipt. Emergency requests are taken care of within two (2) hours. Package pricing based on annual payment. Unlimited small jobs are subject to a fair use policy. We are a fair company dealing with fair clients. Should excess small jobs become common on a monthly basis, we will let you know if the boundaries are becoming too stretched.


for Small Business Hosting
(under 15 pages)

for eCommerce Business Hosting
(over 15 pages)


Great service and very patient with my requests. When I had questions or suggestions of changes, they were very quick to respond with answers and options. Need a website? Give Zeal Media a call, you will be happy you did.
— Ryan M., M Realty

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