How does your website SEO actually rank when compared to your competitors?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes activities that increase a website’s importance and value in the eyes of search engines so it may rank higher and be found by its intended audience.


Google has many criteria that it uses to determine who ranks on top. With over 70% of online searchers not going past page one of search results, it’s more important than ever to have an organic SEO strategy in place.

We highly recommend our “SEO BOOST” service if you want to rank higher than your competitors. This package is for anyone who is really serious about ranking higher on Google. We take implementation to the next level with in-depth keyword research, proven techniques and testing to ensure your website ranks high in your industry and location. Search engine optimization prices are fairly affordable and will bring a return on investment for years

SEO Case Study

We were recently approached by Sara to improve her website search engine optimization (SEO) so she could rank higher on Google. Her website was created by another web design firm, but the SEO wasn’t completed properly.

We researched her local area for popular keywords and phrases that applied to her industry. We implemented our SEO Boost Service to help her rank higher on Google.

An SEO audit scan of the website showed us the weak points. We increased the quality and length of the content by 3x what was originally used. This allowed us to integrate the proper keywords and phrases needed to catch Google’s eye.

Changes to the layout from a single page website to a multi-page site, improved the flow and navigation of the site. Separating services into sections and pages shows Google what is important in terms of ranking.

Standard heading hierarchy, descriptions and tags were implemented. Well-written content and a blog article or two helped to show Google that the client is an authority in their industry.

All said and done, the customer had this to say…

Zeal was recommended to me by a colleague after I had already dealt with a handful of others in the past who never delivered on what they promised.

Luckily I heard about Zeal! They were super easy to work with and I highly recommend them. Be careful, there are more people in this line of work who will take your money and not produce results… then there are companies like Zeal Media who do good work.

Search Engine Optimization Packages


get noticed
$ 200/month Annually $170/month
  • Top 5 Keywords
  • Google & Bing Setup
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Robots.txt Cnfiguration
  • Image Optimization

  • Headings, Titles + Descriptions
  • Repair/Redirect Broken Links
  • Social Media Integration
  • Internal Cross-linking

  • 3 Hours/Month Dedicated
  • Semi-annual Performance Report


$ 300/month Annually $250/month
  • Standard Package PLUS...

  • Top 10 Keywords
  • Google Schema Markup
  • URL Structure

  • Edit Existing Content for SEO
  • 404 Error page setup
  • Mobile responsive optimization
  • Optimize for Conversion

  • 10+ High Authority Backlinks
  • 5 Hours/Month Dedicated
  • Quarterly Performance Report


$ 600/month Annually $500/month
  • Advantage Package PLUS...

  • Top 50 Keywords
  • Daily Site Audit Scan
  • Weekly Competitor Rank Tracking

  • Write & Publish Monthly Blog Post

  • 20+ High Authority Backlinks
  • 12 Hours/Month Dedicated
  • Monthly SEO Report

*SEO Packages cover up to 15 pages. Additional pages are billed out at $10/page/month. Not all websites qualify for SEO packages. Please contact us to see if your website qualifies. For full details on individual items, download our SEO Boost PDF here.

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Excellent customer service! This company provided me with a great website and they have been very responsive to all my questions and quick to make my requested changes. I can’t say anything negative at all, I would highly recommend their service for anybody looking for a company that goes the extra mile.— Ana P.