Convert more customers and sell more products with a professional ecommerce web design that includes a shopping cart, inventory management, coupons and more.
eCommerce shopping cart website design

Online stores have become a necessary avenue for anyone selling products. Brick and mortar shops are being hit hard by the digital world of shopping carts. Whether you sell cars, clothing, cotton candy machines or craft supplies, there is a market for your product online.

Ecommerce has increased drastically over the past few years. In 2016, Canadians spent over $19.2 billion through online stores, a number that is expected to double by 2019!

With more and more shoppers turning to the internet for their products, it’s more important now than ever for small businesses to make the move.

An online store is available 24/7/365 and can reach a shopper outside of traditional brick and mortar hours of operation. An ecommerce website can provide detailed metrics of how shoppers respond and engage when they arrive on your website. This provides valuable information to the business owner for monitoring and adjusting their sales methods.

Zeal Media truly understands how important your digital needs are as an entrepreneur and business owner.

~ Josh Turner

eCommerce website design options

eCommerce Product Options

  • Single products – Standard simple product with no options.
  • Grouped products – Buy multiple products together for a discount. Product variations – Simple product with variations of size, colour, fabric, etc…
  • Virtual products – Downloadable ebooks, PDFs, etc…
  • Inventory management – In stock, out of stock, stock remaining
  • Cross Sell – Shows what other products are typically bought with current product
  • Up-sells – Shows a better option in an attempt to upsell the client


WooCommerce web design shipping options

Standard Shipping Options

  • Flat rate – Set a flat rate for all products.
  • Location-based – Set rates based on customer’s location.
  • Quantity-based – Prices based on product quantity.
  • Category-based – Set rates dependent on shipping class or category.
  • Free – Waive the shipping for all or selected products.
  • Local pick-up – Let the customer pick-up from your store or warehouse.
Online store web design with coupon discounts

Standard Coupon Options

  • Complete cart discounts – Discount the complete order when the customer checks out with a fixed dollar amount or percentage.
  • Single product discounts – Offer a fixed dollar value discount on single products.
  • Minimum or maximum spend – Setup coupons that are dependent on a set dollar amount.
  • Single-use or multi-use – Set a one-time per user coupon or multiple use coupons.
  • Limited quantities – Set a limited amount of coupons available for redemption.
eCommerce web development payment options

Standard Payment Options

  • PayPal Payments – PayPal provides bank transfers, Visa, Visa Debit, American Express and Discover credit cards for payment options.
  • Interac eTransfer – Customers can check out and etransfer the payment before the order is shipped.
  • Bank Cheque – For those who wish to pay by paper cheque, this gives them the option. When the cheque clears the bank, the product is shipped.
  • Pay on delivery – Great for local deliveries and cash payments.

Additional eCommerce Integration Tools

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