Convert more customers and sell more products with a professional ecommerce web design that includes a shopping cart, inventory management, coupons and more.

Online shopping cart web page design

Online stores have become a necessary avenue for anyone selling products. Brick and mortar shops are being hit hard by the digital world of shopping carts. Whether you sell cars, clothing, cotton candy machines or craft supplies, there is a market for your product online.

Ecommerce has increased drastically over the past few years. In 2016, Canadians spent over $19.2 billion through online stores, a number that is expected to double by 2019!

With more and more shoppers turning to the internet for their products, it’s more important now than ever for small businesses to make the move.

An online store is available 24/7/365 and can reach a shopper outside of traditional brick and mortar hours of operation. An ecommerce website can provide detailed metrics of how shoppers respond and engage when they arrive on your website. This provides valuable information to the business owner for monitoring and adjusting their sales methods.

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Additional Ecommerce Integration Tools

Upsell, Cross-sell & Promotional Add-ons


Whether you are looking to offer a monthly promotion, clearance sale, or BOGO sale, the options are virtually endless. You can offer loyalty discounts, promotions by location and even have an upsell popup activated when a user adds a certain product to their cart. Generate more revenue and increase return on investment through your online store.

eCommerce Google Shopping Integration


Ever been searching on Google for a product and at the top of the search results, there are products for sale? This is Google’s shopping network. It is a collection of products from websites that sell what you are looking for. We can sync the products from your online shopping website directly into your Google Adwords account. Learn more about this in our marketing section.

Currency Conversion


Selling products across borders can increase when you offer your products in the local currency. We can integrate your shopping cart to handle multiple currencies that update in real-time with the current market value.

Bulk & Wholesale Add-ons


Your customer wants to become a reseller? Set them up with a wholesale account. Want to encourage bulk orders for anyone without a wholesale account? Offer discounts for bulk purchases—they save more and you sell more.

Recover Abandoned Carts


When someone is shopping on your site and leaves without completing checkout, this is called an abandoned cart. We can provide a way to market these people and remind them about the items they were interested in purchasing. Recovering abandoned carts can result in an as much as a 30% increase in sales!

eCommerce Shipping Add-ons


You don’t have to operate with limited delivery options. Integrate with ShipStation and print out shipping labels with the click of a button. Give real-time quotes from Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, FedEx, USPS and more right from your checkout page! Regardless if you want your shipments calculated by size, weight, speed, location or quantity, there is a shipping option available to fit your needs.

Facebook Shopping Integration


Be where the crowd is and offer your products for sale. We can integrate and sync your online store with Facebook. When someone sees your product on Facebook and clicks, it automatically sends them to check out on your website. Best of all, Facebook has options to pull products right from your website into your Facebook Advertising! Learn more about this in our marketing section.

Payment Options for Online Stores


Make the sale easier by offering more payment options for your customers with integrations from Stripe, Square, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Moneris and more.

Accounting Software Integration


Integrate your online store with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero or a number of other accounting software programs. Automate transactions, reduce paperwork and increase your bottom line with a streamlined operation and less clerical errors.

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