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The Future Marketing of Hidden Heros

A few years ago I watched the Super Bowl, and though I do not watch much football, I do pay attention to the commercials that air during the Super Bowl. When you are investing such great amounts of money into a 30 second commercial, you want to make sure that it does what it’s supposed to.

There has begun a change in marketing methods with the growth of the internet. Humour has always done fairly well when it comes to commercials, but as of the late, there has been a new style of marketing that is emerging. Just before Christmas, there was a commercial/video that went viral by the airline company, WestJet. If you have not watched the video, please take look above.

Not only was this a great message and a way to change people’s lives, it was also the most brilliant marketing that I have seen recently. People watched and shared the video over 35 million times! The video was so well done, that you didn’t even know you were marketed. The video had great storyline and message that it touched people’s hearts, leaving them with a warm feeling about WestJet. The video was planned, shot and edited for the number one purpose of marketing the WestJet brand.

My wife and I love to watch the TV show “Undercover Boss”, because of the lives that it changes. Every episode features the head of a corporation going undercover and spending time on the front lines of their business. They are able to see the troubles and challenges of their business from a different perspective and then incorporate those changes once their time spent undercover is over. Every episode that I have watched has segments where the boss speaks to employees who have been through hell and back. To assume the boss crosses paths with these people at random, is being naive. Though the interactions are not staged, nor planned, the selection of specific employees is most definitely planned. At the end of every show, the boss reveals his real identity and then financially helps the troubled employees to better their lives. The intent is to leave the viewer with a warm feeling about their company and brand, and it works well. Though I am fully aware it is an amazingly well-planned, one-hour long, marketing video, I still love and watch the show.

This is a great form of marketing, but I foresee an even more effective type of marketing that will begin to emerge. In the future of marketing, I see people and companies doing amazing, life-changing things without mention. These great things will be done under the radar, but will surface by “word of mouth” through media outlets. Powerful random acts of kindness with proper motives and no agenda other than the greater good! This is the most powerful type of marketing, because it is done for the cause without expecting anything in return. There is no better way to change someone’s life than to do something that they could never repay. It’s about doing the right thing, for the right reason and believing that God will take care of the rest… and He will.

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