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I am an entrepreneur. I could not imagine myself doing anything else. I love to make decisions and see ideas grow into reality. I get bored very easy with the same old daily grind and am always thinking how to make things better.

I know if I weren’t living the life of an entrepreneur, I would see less fulfillment in life. I would truly die on the inside.

This past year I have come to realize what has held me back from being a better entrepreneur and more successful business owner. The more I speak with other entrepreneurs, the more I realize that I am not the only one who suffers from this.

Like most entrepreneurs, I am continually thinking of new ways to fix a problem and make more money. Though this can be a strength, if applied properly, it is often a great weakness.

I am continually thinking of new ideas for business and finding new opportunities to create. I have a mental list of potential business ideas, and though it remains a list, my focus can easily be stolen by entertaining a new idea.

Apart from a busy mind that wanders, there are those who struggle to stay motivated and inspired. It’s about finding what inspires you and activates you to act. Inspiration can be destructive by itself, but with focused goals and consistency, you will be on the path to success.

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In the past year, I have really been thinking about what I would consider the single, greatest characteristic to any successful entrepreneur. Among the many positive characteristics that can lead to success, are leaders who:

  • read and consume knowledge, growing in wisdom.
  • realize the gifts and talents in others and draw those talents out.
  • have a passion to be the best person they can.
  • take chances and are not afraid to fail.

BUT I believe the single, greatest characteristic found among the world’s most successful, is FOCUS.

A person who is “Jack of all trades” is often “a master of none.” To be a master of something, all focus must be directed toward that idea or business.  I do not know any entrepreneurs who have started two businesses at the same time which led to great success.

Rather, they put all their effort, time and money into growing a single business. Once that business reaches a point where the owner can trust it to be managed by others, they are able to focus on another idea.

A lack of focus will stint the growth of any business. If you are a small business owner that seeks growth, take a moment to see where your time is divided. Are you entertaining new ideas too often? Do you have many rabbit trails that you chase? What is consuming your time? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

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