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Support Local Businesses with a Click

In the past few years and with the growth of social media outlets, small businesses have taken to social media marketing. Social networking offers a great way for people locally, nationally and internationally to learn about products and businesses they would normally not even know existed. The reason that social networking for business has become so popular is because it is very low cost–and for small businesses, this makes marketing more affordable.

With the big, behemoth companies growing and swallowing up smaller ones, it is important to support local businesses whenever possible. By supporting local business, you are investing in your local economy. You are helping pay for music lessons or sports activities for children, a future college education and even the basic necessities in life, like food, clothing and shelter.

When local business becomes more profitable, the whole community benefits.

How can you help?

The obvious way to help local small business is buying local products. You may already do this and I commend you for your thoughtful efforts. There is another way in which you can help too. If you are on a social network, your actions can help market those same businesses that you deal with in person.

Next time you are on a social networking site, search for social media pages of local businesses in your area and “like” or “follow” them. When they share photos and statuses, “like”, “comment” and “share” those posts. When you do this small act, it actually expands the reach of the post to friends and even friends of friends. It’s a subtle form of marketing that costs absolutely nothing and can lead to a potential sale for a local business. The business will appreciate it and the local economy will benefit. When local business becomes more profitable, the whole community benefits.

Comment below with any questions you have about social media and we will do our best to answer you.

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