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If you ever surfed the internet for a couple hours, stumbling onto a 404 error is inevitable. A 404 error occurs when you reach a website that links to a webpage that doesn’t exist. It’s kind of the same thing as having an physical address to a house that doesn’t exist.

Check out our 404 Error Page.

Of those who know the 404 Error page is customizable, some choose to use the page to redirect to their home page. Others create a search page for their website to help redirect users to other possible solutions to what they are searching for. Finally you find a few individuals who use the opportunity of a 404 Error to be creative.

404 Error pages are a great way to grab the attention of a user that might be upset that they ended up at a broken link or page that no longer exists. It gives the website owner a chance to reel them back into staying on their website a little longer. Statistics show the longer a visitor stays on your website, the more chance that visitor will turn convert into a customer.

A custom 404 Error page is that second chance at a first impression.

Whether you decide to go toward the creative route, playing on the visitor’s quick wit, or offering to help the visitor with a site search, is a matter of preference. In an attempt to be most effective, more websites have chosen to go the latter route or all together redirecting them to the homepage.

We like to have fun, so we have decided to incorporate both creativity and functionality when we decided to create our own 404 Error page. You can view it here.

Check out the different 404 error pages we enjoyed, in the gallery below.

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