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Social Media Automation Tools: Hootsuite vs Meet Edgar

Starting and operating a business as a one person army, can be difficult for any business owner. As growth happens you need to automate processes and create systems to make things run smoother before taking the step to hire an employee.

In 2012, I began automating processes and still implement new systems as I go. I needed something to help automate my social media posting. I understood the importance of always being in front of my audience and engaging with them. To accomplish that, I had two choices: Raise its priority over customer service and the things that generate income or find another way to post while taking care of what matters more; customers.

Hootsuite for Post Scheduling

After searching for a solution and comparing the pros and cons of various other platforms, I settled on Hootsuite, and have been using it ever since. I have been there as it has evolved, adding new features and improving on the features that made it great to begin with.

I love being able to import bulk posts that are preconfigured in a spreadsheet with all the information needed to schedule months worth of posts. Hootsuite was exactly what I needed to take care of my social media automation needs.

As time passed and my online content had grown, I found that there were other features that I wanted that Hootsuite didn’t offer. I wanted a platform that would randomly post, pulling single posts from an library of posts. Something that would allow me to repost existing evergreen content. That’s when I was invited to Meet Edgar.

Meet Edgar for Random Posting

With Meet Edgar, I was able to create categories like Inspirational Blog Posts, Company Promotion, Humour, Small Business Tips, etc. Then it was a matter of filling up those categories with engaging posts, images, links and video. I was even able to pull posts from a feed like a blog articles.

It allowed me the option of recycling posts after they were posted which is great for increasing engagement and getting more life out of existing content. Adding a post here and there into the library of posts was also fairly easy.

The thing about any automation tool is that you have to monitor and tweak things as you go. If you leave things unattended for too long, you can start to look more like a robot than a human.

In time, I no longer made it a priority to login and tweak things. Meet Edgar is a good platform, but for me, it seemed quite expensive to subscribe for one feature that I really loved. I unsubscribed and looked into other options once again.

Being a big proponent of authentic engagement on social media, I have decided to schedule my posts manually once again.

This allows me more control over what is posted, where it’s posted, keeping in mind of the audience it is shared with and the technical aspects of the platform it is shared on.

Meet Edgar can handle this as well, but with bulk importing, Hootsuite makes it easier for long-term scheduling and it offers more social media platforms than Meet Edgar.

Hootsuite vs Meet Edgar Comparison

Being a user of Hootsuite (6.5 years) and Meet Edgar (1.5 years), I thought my experience may help others determine which one would be better suited for their business. I must mention, there are other platforms out there that my colleagues have used (untested by myself) that may also be contenders like, Buffer, SproutSocial and PostPlanner.


Hootsuite FREE Hootsuite PRO Meet Edgar
Monthly Price FREE $19USD/month 30 Day Free Trial $49USD/month 30 Day Free Trial
Scheduled Posts 30 Posts Unlimited Unlimited
Social Media Profiles 3 10 25
Social Media Networks Facebook (pages, profiles & groups), Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook (pages, profiles & groups), Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook (pages, profiles & groups), Twitter, LinkedIn
Bulk Importing (RSS & CSV)
Browser Extension Yes. Hootlet. Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE Yes. Hootlet. Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE Yes. Available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox
Mobile App Yes. Hootsuite IOS & Android Yes. Hootsuite IOS & Android
Integrations 100+ 100+ Zapier
Random Posting
Library of Content that Never Expires
Custom Categories for Content
Facebook Ads Integration

As you can see in the comparison above, there are benefits to both platforms, though Meet Edgar tends to be priced on the higher side. If you are looking for something for multiple social networks, Meet Edgar can handle up to 25, whereas Hootsuite Pro can only handle 10, which is typically enough for most small businesses.

Whatever you decide, I am confident that automating your social media will afford you time to take care of more important things. When you implement an automation platform, make sure you consider our list of social media automation dos and don’ts.

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