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Shocking facts about spam email

When I hear the word “spam”, I cannot help but think of the Monty Python skit/song about spam. Spam, a pre-cooked canned meat developed in 1937, has sold over 7 billion cans to date. In the early days of the internet and email, junk mail became known as spam email.

Spam email is known by anyone who has an email address. It is virtually unescapable. The first spam message was sent in 1978 for DEC System 2020 (“world’s cheapest mainframe computer”) to 600 recipients! Spam email often carries links to phishing websites with viruses or malware, products such as pharmaceuticals for weight loss and casino offers with over 80% of all spam in the pharmacy category.

Spam wastes valuable time! In 2004, a survey estimated that spam email cost internet users in the United States over $21 Billion in lost productivity. In fact, over 90% of all email sent is spam. In 2004, owner of Microsoft Bill Gates, received over 4 million emails per year. I can accurately say that I receive much less, but any amount of spam is annoying.

Spam is annoying, but where there is a problem, there is a solution. Spam is inevitable and can be reduced, but not completely. Any company who claims to stop spam 100% is likely using an exaggerated sales pitch to lure you in.

We use various spam filters and plugins designed to reduce spam for the small business web hosting we provide. I would love to say that spam can be eradicated completely, but I would be lying. In fact, we even receive the odd spam email ourselves. If you have a spam issue with your current web hosting company, talk with their tech support. Many technicians are able to give you tips on reducing your spam. If you are having troubles getting answers, shoot us and message and we will try and find a solution.

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