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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a buzz word among businesses that have decided to step away from traditional marketing methods and invest in an online web presence. No longer is it about having a website and entering a few keywords to appear higher in search results.

Google, Bing and other big name search engines often change methods, metrics and algorithms to accurately rank websites. In fact, Google uses over 200 different criteria to rank websites! A company can no longer stuff their webpages with keywords and meta descriptions to get a higher ranking, in fact, websites can now be penalized for these actions if done improperly.

The way search engines rank websites tends to change frequently as they try to improve their product. Today, if SEO is applied to your website, you may appear on the first page of search results. However, in one month your website may fall to page two and in another couple months you may slip to page four or five. This is what we call the SEO Escalator.

Applying SEO to your website is a necessity if you want your website to appear on search engines, but it is only the first step and may get you to the top of the downward SEO Escalator. If you do nothing, your website will slowly begin to decline downward on the SEO escalator. The only way to keep your website higher in the search engine rankings, is by working at it on a regular basis. Speak with your website developer to see if this is a service that is offered by them.

Zeal Media understands SEO and keeps up with the latest trends in search engine rankings. We can take care of the initial SEO preparation of your website, monitoring your page frequently to ensure that it is ranking properly. We review analytics and find out how people are finding your website, what keywords they are using and even how long they are staying! Contact us for more details about how we can make your website more attractive to the big name search engines.

See how your website ranks for SEO. Click the button below and we’ll do a FREE SEO Audit of your website and email you the report.

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