We were excited to do another web development for a contractor. The owner of Offroad Exteriors contacted us to redesign their website. He said “I want something that really stands out from what we have now. Our pictures are dated… the website is cheap looking. I would like to get something that really pops.”

The new website featured a modern look with high quality, client-supplied photos throughout, an estimate form and gallery of past projects. The customer wanted a log system in the backend for tracking jobs. Siding installers login and track the details of each job completed. Once submitted, the information is emailed to the admin and also logged in the database.

Even though advanced SEO was not part of the project, the client’s search ranking improved drastically after the new website was created.

SEARCH TERMOld Website Search RankNew Website Search Rank
vinyl siding installation saskatoon24 pages, not foundpage 1, #6
vinyl siding saskatoon18 pages, not foundpage 2, #10
hardie siding saskatoon16 pages, not foundpage 1, #10
siding saskatoon22 pages, not foundpage 2, #3
exterior reno saskatoon22 pages, not foundpage 1, #1
soffit and fascia saskatoon17 pages, not foundpage 1, #7
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