Online marketing and advertising is a must for small businesses. Get more leads and conversions through Facebook and Google PPC ads, email marketing and more.

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Social Media Advertising

Reaching your perfect customer has become much easier than the traditional marketing of the past. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin, offer digital marketing platforms on which users can target demographics, location and interests of its users.

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Not only is social media advertising highly targeted, the analytics are broken down to determine information about who is most interested in your products and services. As a marketing company, we are able to see who engages with your ads and then adjust the ads to better target your ideal customer for greater impact.

For a greater return on investment, we provide remarketing, also known as retargeting. When a potential customer visits your website, their web browser can accept a tracking code allowing us to serve ads to them. Advertising with a remarketing campaign can increase sales (conversion) as much as 147%!

Facebook social media advertising
Google Adwords PPC advertising

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Google Adwords are a great way to appear on the top of search results. With Google’s diverse ad network, digital advertising can be done in search results, on partnered websites and even video ads on YouTube. The Google Shopping ad platform allows you to integrate your online store.

With Google remarketing, whenever someone visits your website, their web browser can accept a tracking code. A tracking code allows us to tailor ads targeted at the shoppers interests on websites that use the Google ad network. Remarketing is a great way to increase ROI on your online store or drive customers to your brick and mortar retail store.

The best part about Google products is the integration between all of their platforms. Google Adwords can be linked to Google Analytics to provide an in-depth look at the statistics of an ad campaign, determine the ideal demographic and conversion ROI.

Email Marketing

With over 92% of Canadians using email, it’s still the most powerful means of digital marketing. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has made email marketing more difficult for small business owners, and because most spam is sent from overseas, CASL has had little impact on reducing the amount of spam email Canadians receive. Growing an email list now requires the user to opt-in to your list and each sent email requires a detailed footer with unsubscribe option.

We don’t see this as a problem. Really, what’s the point of sending an email to someone who’s not interested in your products or services? They won’t read your emails anyway and it will only lower your open rate. CASL aside, it just makes sense as a business owner to avoid annoying people.

As a service to our small business customers, we provide email marketing management. We create headlines and content that result in higher open and click rates. We setup up a single, multi-email or scheduled drip campaigns. Whether you are informing customers of new products or services, a monthly promotion or just sending them informational content, email marketing is the most effective form of online marketing.

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Affiliate marketing for websites

Affiliate Marketing

There are people who trust your company, products and services. These people are your best representatives even though they are not employed by you. They refer you to everyone they speak with. This is similar to affiliate marketing.

Think of affiliate marketing as a lead generating referral system.

Steve runs a blog for vintage car lovers. One day he stumbles on Mike’s t-shirt website. Mike sells vintage t-shirts and has an affiliate program. Steve decides to create an account on Mike’s website. Steve puts a banner on his website with a special tracking link that he got from setting up his affiliate account.

Now, when a visitor on Steve’s website clicks on the banner, they are redirected to Mike’s online store. If they purchase something from Mike’s website, it is tracked through the Affiliate software to Steve. Steve gets a commission and Mike gets a new sale.

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