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Small Business Marketing & Advertising Plan

Advertising is a necessity for any business. It’s about making your phone ring and keeping your employees busy. There’s no greater trouble a budding entrepreneur wishes to have than having too many customers. I often meet business owners who are comfortable with the level of business they operate. This is great if they are earning a great wage and have little stress. But I can’t help but think, “Man, I could double their business in 12 months if they let me.”

There are owners who are reluctant to put any money into advertising. They feel it would be throwing their money out there without any guarantee–crossing their fingers and hoping their phone will ring. It is definitely a faith-building exercise, but nevertheless, it works!

The thing about marketing is, you cannot just try it out and test the waters, you have to be repetitive and consistent.

We highly recommend taking 10% of all earnings and investing it into digital marketing. We must use our money to make money. A blanket statement saying “go with this form of advertising over another” doesn’t work, because one method may work for your company, but not for the next guy. It’s about finding out what works for your company and knowing your target audience.

If you have never given much thought about advertising for your company, it may be time to take the next step. Send us a message and we will sit down with you and discuss the numerous options available to fit your budget.

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