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If the Marketing Method Ain't Broke

In the past 20 years, the marketing world has undergone the biggest transformation that it has in the last 100+ years prior. Old methods aren’t working like they used to and new methods continue to emerge. It used to be that you would advertise on television, radio, in the newspaper or the yellowpages and you would reach your customer. I used to run a company with my father that we grew primarily through telemarketing.

It’s unfortunate that traditional marketing methods aren’t working like they used to, but it’s not really that shocking. Like seeing storm clouds in the distance, the industry could see the day coming. There are those who have adapted and innovated with newer methods and those who held tight to old methods. Those who refused to change were found on tough times and many businesses lost their footing and closed their doors.

There are some of the old marketing methods that we believe still work, but always remember, if the marketing method ain’t broke, keep squeezing that orange to the last drop. If you aren’t sure what marketing methods are working for your business, simply ask and keep track when new customers contact you.

I recently received a phone call from a previous client of mine. They were calling about a security system. The funny thing is, I haven’t owned an alarm company for almost nine years! I guess they had kept my business card all this time. This isn’t really an anomaly. The phone calls have become less as the years pass, but I used to get a few calls a year even five years after selling the company. My conclusion, business cards still work.

I remember meeting an older gentleman about 15 years ago and the moment he said hello, his hand was outstretched to hand me his business card. This gentleman understood one very important thing, a business card in your pocket is worthless. From that moment, I made a point of carrying business cards wherever I go. It’s a very cost effective way to market and brand your business. If the marketing method ain’t broke…

There are even apps that you can use to scan business cards. These brilliant little apps will extract the information from the business card and create a contact on your phone. This helps keep things organized digitally without having to search through the kitchen junk drawer for a card from that-guy-Mike-who-fixes-computers.

There are so many options when it comes to business card design, from thicker card stock, to rounded corners, embossed finishes and recycled paper. If you need business cards, we can get you a price for design and print. Send us a message.

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