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How to Stay Motivated as a Small Business Owner

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, there’s no denying the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. Every day has it’s challenges and victories, some that make you want to walk away and some that make you want to shift gears and hit the gas. Full of emotions from day-to-day and sometimes even hour-to-hour. As you read our article, we hope you can learn how to stay motivated.

Entrepreneurial Struggle

I swear, there have been days in my entrepreneurial journey that I was killing it, loving every moment and never wanting it to end. Then there were days where I felt like a complete failure, wondering if I should have ever taken the path I did. I would look around me an see others who were seemingly killing it. I often daydreamed about another idea or path, almost convinced that it would be a better option. The grass is always greener when you see the surface. Truth is, my garden seems to flourish when there’s a little shit [manure] in the soil. 😃

The struggles we go through can make us better, but not when we quit. Maybe it is time to quit? Maybe it is time to through in the towel? OR maybe it’s time to say “HAHA You can’t stop me! I got this and I’m coming for you!!” Consistency is the biggest component of success.

A while back someone commented that motivational quotes are stupid and pointless, knowing that I operate a website that posts daily inspirational quotes. I guess that could be true if nothing ever changed. I believe in change, but I don’t think change is something that can be forced without first having a mindset shift. When you change what’s going in, you change what comes out. If this weren’t true, bodybuilders would never change their diet for greater gains.

With inspirational quotes, I never expect the reader to be inspired every time they read one. I live for the moments when some says these seven words, “It’s exactly what I needed to hear!”. I have been inspired by quotes numerous times myself, but if I refused to act on the inspiration, it quickly faded. The key is to use inspiration as a catalyst for action–that’s how to stay motivated when struggles come.

Inspiration is contagious. Inspire someone today. ~ Ryan Boutin

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. You may have your “go to” when it comes to finding inspiration or maybe you haven’t found anything that works. Regardless of where you are at, finding inspiration is like a shot of Red Bull when your energy is fading.

If you are struggling right now, aren’t sure if you want to continue or just can’t get going, you need a dose of inspiration. Here are a few ideas that might spark something in you as they have for me:

Take a hike.

There’s just something about fresh air and clearing your mind. Senses become heightened and your breathing changes. Muscles are energized as oxygen flows and your body absorbs Vitamin D from the sun. You begin to realize that your problems seem a lot smaller than the vast expanse of the world around you. Sometimes I will listen to an audio book about marketing, relaxing music or just listen to the birds chirp and wind rustle through the trees. It’s truly therapy for the body, soul and mind.

Find a true story.

If you want to find inspiration, read a story or watch a movie where the main character overcame adversity. Chicken Soup for the Soul offers a large series of books filled with true stories of victory. There are also countless videos, mini-documentaries and inspired-by-a-true-story movies out there that can inspire change. When you find some, like Aspirin for a headache, take as needed.

Befriend a winner.

There is a saying, “Hang around 9 losers and you’ll be the tenth.” It’s true! When you associate with those who don’t share a similar vision and goal, you stunt your growth. Like yeast through dough, negativity will spread. In the words of the late Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Surround yourself with people who are successful, have a positive attitude, are full of enthusiasm, energy and life! These people will rub off on you and be an inspiration to you. I have a few in my life who inspire me to keep on, keepin’ on when struggles come. I am fortunate for them and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Inspiration on auto-play.

When I am feeling unmotivated or uninspired, I will often search YouTube and listen to motivational speeches while I work. There is a feature on YouTube that will allow you to auto-play the next video. This is a great feature as the next video in the lineup is usually similar to the one you choose.

Alternatively, you can create playlists of your favourite speakers and speeches and shuffle through them. Search things like, “motivational speaker”, “motivational speeches”, “entrepreneur motivation” and “inspirational keynotes”.

There are so many places that inspiration can be found. The ideas above are ways that I have personally used to spark something inside. If you know different ways of how to stay motivated as a small business owner, I’d love to hear it. Comment below and share this article to inspire others.

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