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Facebook Advertising vs Email Marketing

Facebook has become one of the best marketing platforms out there for small business. It started out as a platform where you could grow a fanbase fairly quickly with little-to-no money, but once Facebook became public, that all changed. Even though it’s a pay-to-play platform now, it’s still one of the lowest forms of advertising out there.

Why I Don’t Love Facebook

On Facebook, you can spend as little as $1/ad/day, which is fairly affordable. Should you want to reach more people, simply increase your budget. Facebook is a great platform, with a fairly low cost of customer acquisition, but the problem is, you don’t own the platform. You are simply leasing it from Facebook.

When you advertise on Facebook, you pay to reach customers… customers that you can’t access without the Facebook Platform. If at any time in the future Facebook goes by the wayside, so does all the hard work, money and fanbase that you grew.

Email Marketing: The Best Alternative to Facebook

Of course there are all sort of alternatives, though most are just a similar platform with the same problem. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The best platform to grow a fanbase with is email marketing.

The first email marketing campaign was in 1978, ironically it also became known as the first spam email. Email marketing, as annoying as it can be, is not going anywhere. Though it takes time and perseverance to build an email list, it’s something that you own and no one can take it from you.

Email marketing, if done right, will bring valuable content to the reader. If emails are no longer valuable, the open rate will drop and unsubscribe rate will rise. There’s no point in emailing someone who’s not interested in your products, services or what you have to say. This is why it’s important that anyone who sends mass email curates engaging and well-written content.

When it comes to Facebook Advertising vs Email Marketing, I promote email as a better marketing tool because you maintain control, however, it’s still important to be on social media. Bottom line, if the marketing method ain’t broke, use it for your business. If you are unsure what social media platform is right for your business read “What Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Business?

If you are interested in email marketing or email list growth techniques, send us a message.

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