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Don't Let Your Challenge Be Your Excuse

Life has ups and downs, rough waters and smooth sailing. Floating along with the current, takes little energy and causes us to follow the leader. Amazing results are never found in mediocrity.

Regardless of what we strive for, great results are found when we grit our teeth, plant our feet and face every challenge we encounter. A challenge can be seen as a block we stumble over or a block we step on to gain ground. Worse than a stumble–an excuse is an opportunity missed.

Amazing results are never found in mediocrity.

Some days it seems as if throwing in the towel is the easiest thing we could do. It takes courage to continue when faced with a challenge. A challenge can too often be used as an excuse. We look at the size of the mountain and defeat ourselves before we even take a step. Ascending up a mountain takes stepping from one stone to another.

  • An excuse never sees success.
  • An excuse is river seeking the path of least resistance.
  • An excuse will delay action and defeat hope.
  • An excuse will stunt growth.
  • An excuse is a coward lacking courage.
  • An excuse comes in last place.
  • An excuse is satisfied with the status quo.
  • An excuse is repulsed by goals and growth.
  • An excuse is the brother of lazy and the son of failure.
  • An excuse comforts you while stealing your life.
  • An excuse is your enemy.

You CAN succeed. Winning comes through trying, and trying, and trying again. Competition is not found in others, but in yourself. Remove the excuse. Compete against the challenge. Defeat the challenge.

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