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Why You Should Ditch Your “FREE” Email Service

Many small businesses don’t start off with a website or even a website domain, so when it come to email, they use a free email service or an email through their internet provider. In the next few minutes we will discuss why website domain email is better than “FREE” email service.

The other day when I was on Facebook, I saw a post that said, “Post your first email address”. Fortunately, I was out of high school before email became mainstream. Those who were young when they created their first email address, as I would expect, had some of the most embarrassing and hilarious email addresses. Email addresses like hiphopgirl123, greeniepinkieprincess, teenstud2000 and fatbootycutie69. Some even admitted that they still use their first email address.

This got me thinking, how many people use email addresses in business from their internet provider or a free email service. Most of these email services work well, have great user interfaces, with advanced spam control and filtering options. Not only that, the free price tag isn’t too bad either.

We recommend using your company’s domain for email (eg. Here are three reasons you should consider using your company domain for email:

Domain Branding

Every time you send out an email from an email service other than your company’s domain, you brand their service rather than your business [website]. Why not tell everyone, with every email you send, what your company website address is? If they want to check out your company website, it’s as simple as copying the backend of your email address in their browser. It will generate more traffic and leads.


When you are in business, image and first impressions are everything. When you send a professional business email, from,,,, etc, it looks unprofessional and lacks credibility. An email from your website domain says “We are a credible business with a website.”


Having a free email through your internet provider is great… until you want or need to change internet providers. Most internet providers will allow you to continue using their email service for a monthly fee, even after you no longer need internet service.

When you use your company’s website domain for email, you have complete control over it. Your company’s domain can also be set up through a third party service provider that offer more features than the average web hosting email service. Some business email services that will host your domain email are Office 365, GSuite (Gmail) and the one we use, Zoho. These services typically need to be set up by your web developer or IT personnel because it requires changes to domain entries.

If you decide that you want to make the switch, I recommend putting a message at the bottom of every outgoing email from your new email address, informing people of the change. Also set up a forward from the old email address to the new one. Then reply to each incoming email with your new email address.

Perhaps a website is not in the budget right now. If you purchase a domain, you can still have email without a website. I would recommend securing a domain for your company before someone else does. Need a domain, message us and we’ll help you out.

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