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The Cost of a Website Design

Low Cost Website Design

Let’s be honest, building a website is not rocket science. With all the DIY website platforms out there, they sure make it seem like it would be a simple task, and for most technical people it is. If you don’t feel comfortable designing your own website, you can probably find someone to design it for less than a thousand bucks. Ask around and I’m sure you know someone who has played around enough to take a stab at it. Would I recommend it? Hell no!

Of course you are thinking, “Well, you design websites for a living, of course you wouldn’t recommend an inexperienced person design a business website.”

Yes, but for good reason. Over the years we have spoke with numerous small business owners who were unpleased with their website design and performance. Most even mentioned that they didn’t recall ever receiving a lead from their website.

A website that doesn’t bring leads to your business, is a poor investment, regardless of the amount spent.

Putting the first impression and reputation of your small business in the hands of someone who can save you a few bucks is something you will probably come to regret. You wouldn’t trust your hair cut to a grade three student, so why leave your business’ first impression in the hands of an amateur?

Professional Web Design

I get it, the cost of a website design can be a big investment for many small businesses, but it should be just that, “an investment”. When you invest in a quality website that doesn’t only look good, but also attracts customers and generates leads, you’ve got a winner.

If you were to spend $8000 on the cost of a professional website design including hosting and maintenance, with a life of five years, you would be investing roughly $133/month or $4.38/day. That alone is fairly affordable.

Now if this professional website was generating an average of $1000 in sales/month. That’s a 600% return on investment! Suddenly, a professional web design becomes a necessary component of a growing business.

Now trust someone who created their own website eight years ago in high school to develop a website for your company and brand. The website may look half decent, but whether the website ranks in search results or generates leads, may be another story.

When a visitor lands on your website, you have less than 15 seconds to leave them with a good impression. Unfortunately, it may be the only time they hear of your company. If a potential customer leaves your website, you miss out on an opportunity. An opportunity for a sale, a future referral, repeat business and ultimately, missed revenue.

Lost revenue from a poorly performing website, becomes an expense.

Even if you are on a tight budget, there are ways to ensure you get a professional website that works for your small business. We have worked with small businesses who took the step, even when it meant stretching the budget, and in every case, they were thrilled with the finished product as sales started increasing. Gone is the time when just having a website is enough. With over 70% of small businesses online, standing out in the crowd has become difficult. If you are interested in learning more about how a professional web design can increase sales for your business, message us.

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