You’ve Been Lied To: Outrageous Marketing Claims

Building websites for over two decades, we have run into our share of outrageous marketing claims from other marketing firms. It’s annoying because many small business owners listen and buy into the lies. I get it, it’s their marketing strategy, and I can’t say it doesn’t get people talking. Unfortunately, I am proof of that right now.

Unethical Marketing Examples

Free Business Leads

I have received phone calls in the past from these companies. Of all the outrageous marketing claims, this is my favourite:

Me: Hello.

Marketer: Hi, I have a qualified lead of someone who is looking for [the services that you offer] and they’re ready to buy! We are looking for a local company that can handle new business. Are you guys taking new leads?

Me: Of course. Send it over. Let me grab a pen… Ok, go.

Marketer: Oh, it doesn’t work like that.

Me: What do you mean? You said that you had a lead for me. Just send it over and I will contact them.

Marketer: Well, we need your contact information and credit card for the membership.

Me: No, you just said you had a lead for me. It’s pretty simple, just give me their contact information and we’ll take care of it.

Marketer: Well… ahh… it doesn’t work like that… ahh…

I always love these phone calls. It’s so funny to catch these marketers off guard. I imagine this method must work for them, or they wouldn’t do it.

Your Google Listing Needs Updating

Another outrageous marketing claim that annoys me is the company that tries to tell me they work with Google. The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: Hello, Zeal Media, Ryan speaking.

Marketer: Hi, we are calling on behalf of Google to inform you that your Google business listing is unclaimed [or needs updating]. Unclaimed listings are removed from the Google directory.

Me: Please put me on your do not call list. Thank you.

The truth is that Google won’t call you about your business listing. It’s just not something they do. If you want to check your business listing on Google, simply search your business name. If your listing shows up but you didn’t create it, you can claim it or request ownership of it if someone else manages it. If your listing doesn’t come up, simply create a new listing.

We Guarantee the #1 Spot on Google

The last type of outrageous marketing claim that irks me the most is the phone call from a marketer claiming they can help me with my Google ranking. It goes something like this:

Me: Hello.

Marketer: Hi, I am calling to let you know that your website ranking on Google has slipped and is not ranking for the search terms that are popular in [your industry] in [your city]. We can improve your listing and guarantee a number one spot on Google for your industry locally.

Me: How did you find me?

Marketer: Online.

Me: Sounds like I am doing good, thanks!

I should really record these calls. Most of them are quite entertaining. But, what bothers me the most, is that they manage to convince small business owners that they can help. Maybe they can help somewhat, but it’s always best to hire someone locally or at least you had heard of before or built a relationship with them.

NO ONE can guarantee a number one spot on Google. However, it is somewhat possible to attain depending on the industry and amount of competition; it’s not something anyone can guarantee. Nevertheless, we have helped numerous businesses reach the first page and even the number one spot on the first page. Check out our success stories.

There are too many factors that come into play when searching that determine the rank of a website. Location, browser history and keyword(s) play the biggest part. We make sure to search with a clear browser from the location of the business to provide the most accurate results.

Hire a Reputable Marketing Agency

Beware of outrageous marketing claims from marketers using outlandish statements to trick you into using their service. Instead, use a reputable marketing agency with online reviews, honest talk and a fair price for service.

If you are looking to improve your search ranking, there are things that you can do on your own that will improve how Google ranks your business online. Read “7 Smart Tips to Boost SEO Rankings and Traffic” If you would rather have an SEO Expert take care of it, send us a message, and we will do a FREE SEO audit and provide you with a price quote.

Ryan Boutin
Ryan Boutin
Owner of Zeal Media, Ryan, is passionate about helping owners take their small businesses to the next level. As a long-term entrepreneur, he has started and grown multiple small businesses for himself and his kids, from building homes to selling online products.
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