Average Lifespan of a Website

Have you ever heard the saying that one human year equals seven dog years? It’s an interesting way to think about time and aging. Now, let’s apply a similar concept to websites. Imagine stumbling upon a website built in the year 2000. In “website years,” that’s like encountering a 110-year-old relic! It’s astonishing that it still functions, but it raises an important question: “How long should a website last?”

The internet is a constantly evolving beast. With rapid advancements in technology, coding practices, and internet compliance, the lifespan of a website isn’t what it used to be. On average, a website remains effective and current for less than five years. One study shows the average lifespan of a website to be 2 years and 7 months! Beyond this point, even if a website is technically functional, it may not meet the modern user’s expectations for speed, security, and design.

Why Five Years?

This time frame balances the need to stay technologically relevant with the financial aspect of maintaining an online presence. A well-constructed website should begin to pay for itself within a year. When spread over five years, the investment in your website arguably becomes the most cost-effective marketing strategy available to small businesses.

Where else can you continuously market your business 24/7 at a cost as low as $2.75 per day?

Congrats to those who regularly update their website and are happy with its performance! You understand the value of a robust online presence. However, if your website shows its age and isn’t performing as it should, it might be time to consider redesigning. A fresh, modern website can significantly enhance your visibility on search engines like Google and improve user engagement.

Senior's Discount

For those with websites that are older than 10 years, consider this: I’m offering a “seniors discount” of 10% for your website’s redesign. It’s a light-hearted way to acknowledge your website’s long service and the need for an update.

If you’re interested in breathing new life into your old website, message us and mention that you read this blog post, and we’ll provide you with an estimate and a 10% discount! Remember, in the digital world, staying current is not just about keeping up; it’s about leading the way.

Ryan Boutin
Ryan Boutin
Owner of Zeal Media, Ryan, is passionate about helping owners take their small businesses to the next level. As a long-term entrepreneur, he has started and grown multiple small businesses for himself and his kids, from building homes to selling online products.
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