A Cup of Coffee Will Grow Your Business

Well, it’s that time when the leaves begin turning to burnt orange, children put on warm sweaters, and vehicle owners change over to winter tires to prepare for slippery roads. Most wouldn’t recommend this because they say the tires wear down quicker, but for the last three years, I have left my winter tires on all year. The tires have faired well, but now is the time for new tires.

As I sit in the tire shop writing this blog, I am thankful for certain things. First, I am grateful for a comfy leather sofa to sit on, a smartphone with an internet connection and a hot cup of coffee. Second, I think about everything this tire shop does to put its customers first.

Ideas for Improving Customer Service

In business, customers are everything. They pay the rent, put food on the table and allow little Johnny to play sports. They are the greatest, vital component to any business and, thus, must be taken care of to ensure repeat business.

From ensuring customers have a coffee while they wait at a tire shop to giving a discount to loyal customers, there are many ways to entice a customer to return. In what ways can you ensure your clients are satisfied? What would you do differently?

One time, I attended a seminar, and the presenter gave a questionnaire to each attendee when she completed her presentation. This caused me to feel awkward and hold back an honest opinion because of a lack of privacy. An anonymous survey or suggestion box is the best way to get unbiased and honest feedback.

If you aren’t getting enough input, simply offer the client an incentive for their feedback. Find out the problems that customers face with your business and solve them. If the customer has to wait, offer them a coffee. A simple gesture goes a long way!

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Ryan Boutin
Owner of Zeal Media, Ryan, is passionate about helping owners take their small businesses to the next level. As a long-term entrepreneur, he has started and grown multiple small businesses for himself and his kids, from building homes to selling online products.
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